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duravit mirror

Duravit XL mirror RRP £686

Our price £343!

hib electron

HIB Electron mirror cabinet RRP £406

Our price £203!


HIB Turin mirror cabinet  RRP £185

Our price £92!


Kudos Infinate 800 pivot door RRP £1155

Our price £250!

merlyn 2

Merlyn 800 pivot door RRP £433

Our price £216!


Merlyn 800 Infold door RRP £807

Our price £403!


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hi guys just wanted to get an idea of what people think of the customer service levels in large national retail outlets today? I had an experience over the Christmas period where my friend needed to buy a docking station, I went to a well known retail branch (not mentioning names) and there were 2 items of interest both from the same brand, when my friend asked a member of staff what the difference in the models were he could not tell us any information nor could he give us a demonstration, as we were leaving he approached us to say he could turn it on for us then he proceeded to walk off?? We then visited a local independent opposite the co-op in Northwich, we were greeted on entry by a friendly man and after a few minutes of allowing us to browse he came over and asked what we were looking for in particular, when we told him our requirements he then told us about various models and brands available, his product knowledge was exceptional and he took the time to demonstrate each product individually comparing the products. He offered us a discount which my friend said afterwards he would of already purchased the item without the discount due to the excellent service, another happy customer from a local independent! support your small local businesses!


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We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas and new year, now is the time to consider improving your bathroom!

Whether you are considering just our rejuvenation pack for £200 or a full design and re-fit.

Why not call in for a browse in our lovely showroom on tarproley high street or give us a call on 01829 730562 for a free quote